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I used 10mL of unknown NaCl-NaBr mixture titrate with 0.10M silver nitrate solution.
10.15mL of silver nitrate solution is used.

the conc. of NaCl-NaBr mixture is 8g/dm3

I need to calculate the % composition of the NaCl-NaBr mixture.

I used the following calculation steps but i can't get the ans.

a + b = c......(1), where c is the weight of the mixture used, consisting a gram of NaCl and b gram of NaBr.

c= 8g x 10/1000 = 0.08g

no of moles of Cl react= a/58.44
no of moles of Br react= b/102.9
no of moles of Ag react=(0.1 x 10.15)/1000= total no of moles of Cl and Br react=a/58.44 + b/102.9
therefore, (0.1 x 10.15)/1000=a/58.44 + b/102.9.....(2)

values of a and b should easily be found by solving equation (1) and (2), however I am fail to do so.

What's wrong with my calculation?!?!


    See my response to your first post below. It looks the same as your procedure. If you want to post your work I will try to find the error.

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