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4th grade

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what is a command, statement, question, and exclamation sentences please show me some

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    A command is a sentence that tells someone to do something.

    Example: Do the dishes now!

    A statement is a sentence that is a fact.

    Example: Next month will be May.

    A question is something asked by someone.

    Example: How are you?

    An exclamation is a sentence ending with a ! mark.

    Example: Happy birthday!

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    Command (Imperative):
    Please sit down.

    Statement (Declarative):
    Dana just got a new puppy.

    Question (Interrogatory):
    Have you finished your homework?

    Exclamation (Exclamatory):
    What a gorgeous sunset!

    This site has more examples.

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    what is this answer of miss ross has 24 students in her class 2/3 of her students have brown hair . the rest blond hair please help me

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    life for colonial families was somewhat different than family life today. most colonial families

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