March 25, 2017

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Question 14
How does a thesis function? points out the inadequacies of the opposing views states your position
Cit summarizes the information asks a question

Question 17 5 points Save
Which of the following is not a debatable thesis statement?
A.The United States is too dependent on foreign oil.
B.Bears are the greatest danger known to hikers.
C."Magneto" is not a true super-villain.
D.The US Supreme Court consists of nine justices.

Question 18 5 points Save
Which of the following thesis statements is most specific?
A.America's water is becoming dirtier every year.
B.Since the dawn of time, man has gathered together in societies.
C.Lake Tahoe is becoming dirtier every year, and if this trend continues, the river will be totally opaque within ten years.
D.Something should be done to help international students who want to study in America

Question 19
Which of the following is not a characteristic of a thesis?
A.It is very narrow.
B.It is expressed in a sentence.
C.It does not announce.
D.It is not too broad.

Question 20 5 points Save
What does a thesis statement do?
A.explains how you came up with your topic
B.announces what you plan to do in your paper
C.introduces the controlling idea of your paper
D.lays out the process of your paper

My answers


  • research writing as a process - ,

    14 - no
    17 - no
    18 - yes
    19 - ?? (two double negatives -- ask your teacher to explain)
    20 - yes

  • research writing as a process - ,

    I wonder if question 17 could be D.

  • research writing as a process - ,

    14 I think is states your position

  • research writing as a process - ,


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