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Hi can someone please explain to me how to get the answers to the following questions. It would be greatly appreciated
A pair of horizontal parallel plates are placed a small distance, 4.00 mm, apart in air. Each plate is rectangular with a width of 20.0 cm, and length of 37.0 cm. The potential on the upper plate relative to the lower plate is 1.07 ¡Ñ 103 V.
a)What is the magnitude of the electric field between the plates?
b)A tiny drop of oil with an excess charge of ¡V1.31 ¡Ñ 10¡V17 C and mass of 4.00 ¡Ñ 10−6 kg is placed just above the lower plate. Calculate the magnitude of the electrical force it experiences.
c)Calculate the number of excess electrons on the oil drop.
d)The oil-drop is then released. What would be the kinetic energy of the drop when it arrived just below the upper plate, assuming that you were able to ignore non-electrical effects such as gravity?

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