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Can you let me know if the sentences below are grammatically correct? Thank you very much!

1) She is wearing a long-sleeved cotton polo shirt with a slogan in the front and one in the back.
2)She's got a pony tail and a patterned hair-band over her head. She is also wearing two necklaces and different bracelets on her wrists.
3) She is also wearing a zip-up leather jacket over a red hooded mesh(or fishnet sweatshirt?). Which one is correct?
4)She has her hair tied back with a hair clip (or barrette?). She is wearing red nailvarnish on her nails.
5)She wears her dyed red hair tied back in a pony tail.
6)She always wears a white sleeveless T-shirt (or a vest?) over a black T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms (?) underneath.
7) He is carrying a backpack on (?) his back.
8) They are practising ballet dancing.
They are wearing a black body and (or over?) a pair of sheer tights.

  • English -

    3. Both are correct.

    4. Both hair clip and barrette are right. We usually say nail polish.

    5. All are correct

    8. black body suit
    Either is correct.

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