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Homework Help: Chemistry -- Please Help!!

Posted by Erin on Monday, April 26, 2010 at 7:06pm.

Find the pH of a mixture of .150 M HF(aq) solution and 0.100 M HClO2(aq)

HF + H2O <--> F- + H3O+
Ka= 3.5*10^-4

So I will show my attempt below...

[HF] [F-] [H3O+]
I .150 0 0
C -x +x +x
E .15-x x x

Ka= [F-][H3O+]/[HF]
3.5*10^-4= x^2/(.150-x)
assume x is small so (.150-x) = .150
7.25*10^-3 = x^2 Take square root of both sides
x= 7.25*10^-3

[H3O+] = 7.25*10^-3

Is this right?? If it is, why don't we do any work with the .100M HClO2 soution?


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