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Thank you very much for your last corrections. Here are some more sentences on Virginia Woolf's biography. I really hope you can check them.

1) Virginia’s childhood was deeply affected by the death of her mother and the presence of an aggressive and domineering father. The death of her mother marked the beginning of her first nervous breakdown.
3) It was only with her father’s death, that she began her literary career.
4) She decided to move to Bloomsbury where she became a member of the Bloomsbury Group. This despised traditional morality, rejected artistic convention and fostered anti-war sentiments and socialism.
5) They also applied the revolutionary prose style developed by Virginia Woolf herself. In 1912 she got married and three years later she published her first novel, The Voyage out.
6) She entered a nursing home and attempted suicide. In 1925 the novel Mrs Dalloway appeared, followed by To the lighthouse and Orlando.
7) The Second World War increased her anxiety and she became haunted by the terror of losing her mind.
8) As she couldn’t stand it any longer, she drowned herself in the river Ouse at the age of fifty-one.

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    On 4. add This organization despised.....

    5, comma after married. Out is capitalized.

    6. I would rephrased 6. Maybe... After entering a nursing home, she later attempted suicide. To the Lighthouse

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