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Posted by Sara on Monday, April 26, 2010 at 7:54am.

A buffer solution is made as followed:
i)adding 13.50mL of 0.200mol/L sodium hydroxide to 50.00mL of 0.100mol/L propanoic acid.
ii)diluting the resulted buffer into a total volume of 100.00mL

Using IRE-C tables (if possible) calculate:
a)The pH of the buffer -before the dilution
b)The pH of the buffer- after the dilution
c) 1.50mL of 0.10mol/L hydrochloric acid solution is added to 25.00mL of the diluted buffer solution. Calculate the pH after the addition of the hydrochloric acid solution.

I did part a) but I am not getting the correct answer, which is given. I know that part b) is done the same way and when diluting the buffer into a total volume of 100.00mL it should not affect the pH. However, since I cannot get the right answer for part a) my answer for part b) is also incorrect.

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