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Homework Help: Chem Lab

Posted by Help1001 on Friday, April 23, 2010 at 5:59pm.

Am I right?

Classify the following properties of sodium metal as physical or chemical:
•Silver metallic color—physical property
•Turns gray in air—physical property
•Melts at 98º C-melting point is physical property
•Reacts explosively with chlorine gas—chemical property

Classify the following changes as physical or chemical:
•Water freezes at 0º C –physical change
•Baking soda when combined with vinegar produces bubbles—chemical change
•Mothballs gradually disappear at room temperature—physical change
•Ice cubes in a freezer get smaller with time—physical change
•Baking soda loses mass as it is heated-physical change
•Tarnishing of silver—chemical change

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