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AP Chemistry

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Given: N2O4 (g) « 2NO2 (g) @ 25 degrees celcius, Kc is 5.84 x 10^-3.

(A) Calculate the equilibrium concentrations of both gases when 4.00 grams of N2O4 is placed in a 2.00 L flask at 25 degrees celcius.

(B) What will be the new equilibrium concentrations if the volume of the system is suddenly increased to 3.00 L at 25 degrees celcius.

I really need help For part B I did the same thing as part (a) only this time I used 3.00 L. However I can't seem to find the value of x... I am coming up with 0.0191, but when I substitue that in I do not come up with 5.84 x 10^ -3

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