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I don't know what subject matter this falls into. I just need someone to look over my statements and see if it makes sense.

Psychological impact and pain due to bullying can cause an individual to do unspeakable things.

The inner strength of a person is more powerful than the physical strength of any individual.

Do these make sense?

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    Yes, they both make sense to me although I'm far from being an expert on such things. In my opinion, however, inner strength just isn't enough sometimes. In bullying, it isn't always the physical prowess of the intimidator as much as the psychological threats/teasing/name calling/ etc. Parents usually say, "Just laugh it off and when they see it doesn't bother you they will stop." That isn't so either. Honestly, I don't think I will live long enough to see bullying whipped (excuse the pun). Frankly, I doubt that laws, suspensions, penalties, and that kind of thing will have more than a minimal effect. If PsyDag is on tonight he can give you a much more authoritative answer.

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    How are you defining "unspeakable things"? The victims can become a bullies themselves, flee from the bullying environment (e.g., school, church, club) or they might commit suicide.

    Social support is a big factor in expressing what you call "inner strength." The social support can come from authority figures or peers.

    I hope this helps a little more. If not, repost with more questions.

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