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4th grade math

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Sunbeam's group of close friends are going to fifth grade in September. All are going to Highway elementary school and their home rooms will be 12,14,or 16. All of her friends but 4 are going to room 12, all but 4 are going to room 14, and all but 4 are going to room 16. Not counting Sunbeam, how many people are in her group of close friends?

  • 4th grade math -

    six , because if you mark number of friends with x you would get it like this : 3(x-4)=x

    and someone posted this question before you did

  • 4th grade math -

    how do i mutipli fractoins

  • 4th grade math -

    First, if you have a question, it is much better to put it in as a separate post in <Post a New Question> rather than attaching it to a previous question, where it is more likely to be overlooked.

    Just multiply the numerators and denominators.

    2/3 * 3/6 = 6/18 = 1/3

    2 *3 = 6 and 3 * 6 = 18

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    Sorry, my post above is in response to dave's post.

  • 4th grade math -

    Explain how you could show five less than a number using an expression

  • 4th grade math -

    what is the equivalent fraction of 22 24

  • 4th grade math -

    ma ako rey

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