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Chemistry (AP)

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5 drops of AgNO3 must be added to 1 L of a water sample: 46.1 mg SO42-/L and 30.6 mg Cl -/L.

What will be the precipitate that forms?

the molarity of AgNO3 is 0.0010 M (mol/L)

1 drop = 0.05 mL

  • Chemistry (AP) -

    Look up Ksp for Ag2SO4.
    Look up Ksp for AgCl.
    5 drops x (0.05 mL/drop) = mL added.
    Convert to L, then M x L = moles added to the 1 L water and that will be the molarity.
    Now calculate Qsp for Ag2SO4 and Qsp for AgCl and see if Qsp exceeds Ksp for either salt. If so, a ppt will form.

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