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Homework Help: English-Poetry

Posted by Sara on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 10:43pm.

This is the same poem I've been working on a couple of weeks ago. I have finished the ending, and would like some of your help. It will say somewhere in my poem(Any suggestions) I will appreciate all the help you could give me. Thank you very much:-)

The magic box
I will put in the box
Hugs and kisses from my family
The daylight brought from the sun and
My parentís blessings

I will put in the box
The teardrop of my eye
The first smiles of my baby brothers
The classical music playing in my heart

I will put into the box
My cousinís dimples
The cold breeze blowing in the air
And memories from the past
I will put in the box the strongest force of love which I have gained and shared
Every heartís compassion for affection
And my mom's lullaby

I will put in the box all passion, desire and hope
All the wonderful dreams experienced
The holy bible as a sign of god being with me

I will put in the box the honesty of the innocence
The unquenchable thirst for love
Lastly, I will put in it a door, leading to a fantasy quest

My box is styled with sequins, seashells and exotic souvenirs. There is a mirror on the lid with glitter all around. It will capture all reflections and add them to the box. Its hinges are ......Iím trying to think of something imaginative, but I canít. Before I wanted to say, its hinges are the fingertips of a human; but that kind of seems gross. I want it to be something wonderful. Can you please give a few suggestions?
I shall travel in my box
To wherever destiny leads me, bumping into dangers, facing new challenges,
and ......I canít think of an ending either. I was thinking before of saying, and starting the journey all over; something like that, but I donít like it. I want it to be wonderful. Do you have any suggestions?

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