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Homework Help: Naming Ionic Compounds

Posted by Sara on Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 8:28pm.

Can you please have a look at my questions. Thank you very much in return:-)

1. Will 2 metals develop an ionic compound? Clarify.

I don't think they will, but I don't know how to explain. I only know that in order to form ionic compounds, the total number of electrons given up by the metal ions must exatcly balance the toal number of electrons gained by the non-metal ions. - please help

2.write the name and symbol for the ion of each element listed below.

a-sodium= sodium, NA
b-chlorine= Chloride, Cl
c-copper with an ion charge of 2+= Copper(II), Cu

d-aluminum= aluminum, Al
e-phosphorus= phosphoride, P

3.write the name of the ion for each of the following non-metal elements. Am I just supposed to add ide at the end of them? I'm just a beginner on this, so I'm not sure If I've done all these correctly.

a-chlorine = chloride
b-bromine = Bromide
c-iodine = iodide
d-phosphorus = phosphide
e-oxygen = oxide
f-sulfur = sulfide
g-nitrogen = nitride?

4.write the name for each polyatomic ion.

a-SO4^2-^ =Sulphate
b-PO4^3+^ =Phospate
c-NO3 =Nitrate
d-OH- =Hydroxide
e-HCO3- =Hydrogen carbonate
f-Co3^2-^ =Carbonate

5. write the names of the compounds formed by the following combinations of elements.

a- sodium and iodine = sodium iodide
b- lithium and bromine = lithium bromide

c- silver and phosphorus = silver phosphate? phosphoride?

d- barium and oxygen = barium oxide the following ionic compounds

a-NaBr = Sodium Bromide
b-CaSo4 = Calcium Sulfate
c-K2S = Potassium Sulphide
d-Ni(NO3)2 = Nickel Nitrate
e-Mg3N2 = Magnesium Nitrate
f-Fe2(CO3)3 = Irom Carbonate
g-Cr2O3 = Chromium Oxide
h-Al2(SO2)3 = Aluminum Sulphite
i-Cu2SO4 = Copper Sulphate
j-Pb(NO3)4 = Lead Nitrate
I wasn't so sure about these.

7.Which of the following chemical formulas are correct? explain why the incorrect formulas are incorrect.

a-Al2O3 = incorrect
b-CrSO4 = incorrect
c-Fe3O2 = incorrect
d-Fe2(SO4)2 = ?

I don't really get this. Please help me explain:-(

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