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programming and visual basic

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These are two different types of questions, these are not the same questions

The Some interest Credit Company provides loans to customers at 1.5 percent interest per month. Design an application that gets customer account data that includes an account number, customer name, and balance due. For each customer, display the account number and name; then display the customer's projected balance each month for the next 10 months. Assume that when the balance reaches $10 or less, the customer can pay off the account. At the beginning of every month, 1.5 percent interest is added to the balance, and then the customer makes a payment equal to 5 percent of the current balance. Assume the customer makes no new purchases.

Write a VISUAL BASIC program to accept numeral values of any unit, sum up the total, calculate the average, and then Output the result with a proper unit.
Requirements for processing:
(1) Tell user the purpose of the program
(2) Tell user how to stop entering data and calculate result
(3) Tell user enter the unit (such as mile, meter, pound, etc)
(4) then start a loop sequence by telling user enter value
(5) Display an end of program message

These questions relate to Programming and Design textbook

  • programming and visual basic -

    num accountNum
    num balanceDue
    num month
    num paymentAmt
    string custName
    num PAY_RATE = 0.10
    get accountNum, custName, balanceDue
    while not eof
    print accountNum, custName
    month = 1
    paymentAmt = balanceDue * PAY_RATE
    while month <= 10
    balanceDue = balanceDue – paymentAmt
    print month, balanceDue
    month = month + 1
    get accountNum, custName, balanceDue

  • programming and visual basic -

    If i'm not mistaken does the PAY_RATE must be equal to 0.15 rather than 0.10? I don't really understand, can you explain those?

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