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Homework Help: Ion charge & formulas of ionic compunds-DrBob222

Posted by Sara on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 10:35pm.

These are the other questions: I'll start from Number 1.

1. I have to write down the symbol for the following ions:

a- sodium = Na
b- chloride = CL
c- sulfate = S
d- ammonium = ? would it be NH4?
e- chromium (II) = Cr
f- chromium(III) = Cr

2. write the formulas for the compounds formed in each of the following:

a-magnesium and chlorine = MgCl2
b-silver and sulfur = Ag
c-cobalt(iII) and Oxygen
d-Zinc and bromine
e-calcium and nitrogen
f-copper(I) and nitrate

Write the names of the two ions in each of the following compounds.

a- Al2(SO4)3 = How do I do this? Do I just write their names? Could you please help me with this one.

Thank you very much:-)

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