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Homework Help: Ion Charge & Formulas of Ionic Compounds

Posted by Sara on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 9:39pm.

Can you please take a look at my questions. Thank you very much.

1.classify the law of definite proportions.

In specific proportions, A type of compound always contains the same elements.

Is this good? Any other info would be greatly appreciated. do u distinguish the difference between the ion charge of a metal & the ion charge of a non-metla?

I wrote: u distinguish the difference between the ion charge of a metal & the ion charge of a non-metal by their charges. Ion charges of metals are positive, & ion charges of non-metals r always negative.

3.What occurs to the charge on individual ions when they create compounds?

I wrote: when the individual ions create compounds, the charge on them cancels out. It becomes neutral.

4.Give a definition for a Polyatomic ion.

I wrote: A Polyatomic ion is a kind of atom grouped with other atoms which occur together in a compound & r treated as a single element; have a charge like an ion due to an imbalance of electrons and protons.

Then it says give three examples of Polyatomic ions.

Three examples of Polyatomic ions are OH-(hydroxide ion); which is negative, NH4(ammonium), which has ion charge of 1+ and is postive, as well as CO32-(carbonate ion), which is negative.

Could you please tell me more about Polyatomic ions. I don't really understand much about them. I want to get the general idea of them.

5.whats the ion charge of each of the following individual or polyatomic ions?

a)Calcium = +2
b)aluminum = +3
c)copper(II)= ?
d)ammonium = +1
e)iron(II) = +2 = I don't get where the II comes from? Could you please explain to me why the names of some metal ions such as this one, have a Roman numeral after them?

f)sulfur = -2
g)oxygen = -2
h)fluorine = -1
i)nitrate = -1
j)carbonate = -2

Can you also explain to me how the endings of some elements are changed. Ex. chlorine to chloride, then sulphite. Where does the ite come from. I don't really get this stuff, which is why I am asking for deep clarification.

I still have a few more questions which I will post on here after I'm done completing my other work. Till then please take ur time to view through this, and add as much information as you can. Thank you very, very much 4 all your help:-)

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