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I have my paper dine but for some reason my class mate is telling me that the APA is incorrect, would some one be a dear and look over my paper and tell me if I did the APA right?

Here is my paper

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination: German Immigration
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Axia College University of Phoenix

The Germans have a long history of migrating to the U.S. for many different reasons. The first movement of migration to the United States began in 1796-1815 during the Napoleonic Wars. The purpose of this migration during this particular time was search for freedom of religion, political oppression, and military involvement.
In the 1950s and 1960s there was another movement of migration with the Germans due to technology and machines taking over jobs that manual labor once held. These people that lost their jobs in small towns moved to larger cities seeking employment. Eventually these cities became overcrowded with people and there was not enough employment for each person. This forced a big change in their lives and a lot of them migrated to the United States. Also affecting emigration from the German states was an increase in taxation, which put a financial strain on many individuals and made the prospect of life in America quite promising (German immigration, n.d.).
New inheritance laws were adopted in Germany in the mid 1950’s causing male landowners to will their land to their oldest son only. The land was not authorized to be split between siblings and women were not allowed by the government to own land or control land. The land was becoming less available and very expensive. The siblings that were unable to acquire land decided moving to American would be a good opportunity to buy land they desired to own. Some of these people were convinced to move to America by solicitation from the government. There were departments that had duties to persuade settlers to come to America. One of the main areas this took place was Minnesota.
Once moved to the United States a lot of the Germans live in the country farming, making up about one third of the agricultural business. Also, in the cities Germans would cluster together to form communities not unlike the Chinese Chinatowns. These replications of Germany would house prominent German businesses such as the lager beer Industry (Immigration: the journey to America, n.d.). In these communities know as miniature Germany towns you would find German entrepreneurs like cigar makers, bakers, butchers, etc.
In the 19th century there became a lot of friction regarding religions. This friction was between Germans themselves and the practices of the Lutheran’s. The Older German Churches became unhappy with the newer churches accusing the newer one of modernization and using the American language in the services. Even worse, doctrine had been liberalized (Immigration: the journey to America, n.d.).
During my research I found it surprising that there really was not a lot of prejudice towards or from the Germans. Completing the research made a lot of sense as to why there wasn’t. The Germans were asked and prompted to immigrate to America by solicitors. The only time there was really any prejudice and or segregation between the Germans and Americans was during war time. Other than that they seemed to integrate just fine. Now the Germans seemed to have more problems with each other than anyone else, especially the old religion versus the new modernized religion. It seemed like there was prejudice between these two groups due to the older religion did not like the modernized changes to the religion, they seemed to segregate from each other.
The Germans made their own little communities that were like little Germany. I see this as them staying together and continuing to be a part of their own culture. I did not find any information regarding being a-part of any of the forms of discrimination listed in the syllabus. The Germans seemed to stick together in their little communities and could also integrate with the Americans.
I culturally identify myself with the United States mainstream culture. The reason I say this is because I was born and raised here with parents that I would say were also more in the United States mainstream culture. I myself have raised my kids in the United Sates mainstream of cultural basically, now I can say, because of lack of knowledge of my ethnic group. I have done any type of research of my family history other than this short paper. This has gotten my interest and I will be researching more.


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    Help needed here.

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    Ms. Sue
    I a having a huge problem with the APA format on this can you help me?

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    Do you know the author's name for citations? Possibly this source will help.

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    Go to the CWE, click on tutorials and guides. Under APA information click on Riverpoint Writer. Load this on your computer and type in your essay information and it will put everything in APA format for you.

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