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Homework Help: sew

Posted by izzy on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 4:41pm.

6. You're repairing an armhole seam in a turtleneck used primarily for skiing. The stitching has come loose because of the extra arm movement. What type of hand stitch do you use?
A. Backstitch
B. Slipstitch
C. Running stitch
D. Blind stitch

7. If your sewing machine were skipping stitches, what would you check first?
A. Bobbin tension
B. Needle setting
C. Thread type
D. Pressure foot adjustment

8. You find that your stitching distance from the edge of the fabric isn't very consistent. Which attachment could you add to your machine to solve the problem?
A. Seam guide
B. Overedge foot
C. Edge stitcher
D. Tucker

9. How do you secure the beginning and end of every seam?
A. Add a double-stitch tailor tack to each end.
B. Press it with starch.
C. Back-tack three stitches at each end.
D. Stay stitch the ends.

10. If, while you're machine stitching, your fabric puckers and the stitches break, what should you do first?
A. Change the needle.
B. Change the thread.
C. Lower the tension.
D. Raise the tension.

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