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1.the subject of the sentence is first person, then the verb must be in what form?

third person
second person
fourth person
first person

Question 2
Verbs indicate what?


Question 3
Verbs may also indicate what?


Question 4
Verbs express what?

passive voice
active voice

Question 5
What does agreement in number mean?

subjects and verbs are either both singular or plural
your topic sentence is correct
subjects and verbs agree in gender
you inserted commas in the correct places in the sentence

Question 6
What is a "buried subject"?

when you have a compound subject
using an indefinite pronoun as a subject
when a sentence lacks a subject
when it is difficult to find the sentence subject, as it may be placed among many other words

Question 7
What is a collective noun?

nouns such as team and committee
a plural word as a subject
a title or company name
an indefinite pronoun

Question 8 Which of the following is a compound subject?

cats and dogs
twenty-two miles
cats or dogs
each girl or boy

Question 9
Which of the following is an indefinite pronoun?


Question 10 When do subjects and verbs agree, and why is it important that they agree?

Question 11 Please correct the sentence below, changing word choice where needed. There are a popular sandwich shop in our area that serves the meats, cheeses, and dressings on the sandwich and top the fillings with french fries and coleslaw.

Question 12
Subject-verb agreement occurs when the subject and verb agree in number and ________.


Question 13
To find the subject of a sentence when it is buried among other words, disregard ________.

prepositional phrases
the subject
the verb

Question 14
To find the subject of a sentence when it is buried among other words, disregard _______.

whom , which and why clauses
whom , which , and where clauses
who , which , and that clauses
who , which , and whatever clauses

Question 15
When the subject words are joined by either . . . or , the verb agrees with the _______ subject wor ____________________.

most important

Question 16
When the subject words are joined by ______, the verb agrees with the closest subject wor ____________________.

whether or not
an indefinite article
to be or . . . not to be
not only . . . but also

Question 17
Though civics has an s plural ending, it takes a/an _______.

plural verb
indefinite verb
collective verb
singular verb

Question 18
Use singular verbs for _______.

names of companies
compound subjects
collective nouns when they refer to members acting individually
words such as jeans and thanks

Question 19
Use plural verbs for ________.

words such as pants and eyeglasses
titles of written works
words such as economics and physics
an amount as a subject

Question 20
The word _______ always takes a singular verb, regardless of what follows it.


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