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use the calculator to find theta with a line threw it to the nearest tenth of a degree if theta degree<0 with a line thre it <360 degree sin 0 with a line threw it =negaive 1/2

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    This just makes no sense to me, sorry.

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    I agree with bob

    Just gotta love those guys throwing lines at theta.

    I will take a wild guess that you meant
    find Ø where sin Ø = -1/2 , 0° < Ø < 360°

    so Ø must be in quadrants III or IV
    we know sin 30° = +1/2
    so Ø = 180+30 or 210°
    or Ø = 360-30 or 330°

    (to the nearest tenth, Ø = 210.0 or 330.0° )

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