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Thank you very much for your last corrections.
I forgot to include a few other sentences I’m still not sure of.

1)Queen Victoria’s reign has been one of the most flourishing (?) in Great Britain’s history. She reigned constitutionally and avoided the rebellions which occurred in whole (?) Europe (in all Europe or all over Europe) in 1848.
2)She also introduced the First Reform Act. (Better: The first Reform Act passed in 1832). She started a great politics of expansionism (a great expansionistic policy?).
3)Also under a cultural point of view the Victorian Age has been active: exhibitions with buildings and items from all over Europe were held; among all these works of at the most famous is for sure the Crystal Palace, which was built in London. (Is it better: The Victorian Age was very active from a cultural point of view, too. Exhibitions with buildings ….. were held all over Europe. Among all these works of art the most famous was the Crystal Palace ….).
4)The main focus (?) of the novel is the love of Catherine for Heathcliff.
5)To this (or with this) theme is linked that of separation and reunion.
6)Heathcliff and Catherine will be reunited for ever in death.
7)She seems to be happy despite her loveless existence.
8)Elizabeth refuses to be what ( or the kind of woman) society imposes on her.
9)She possesses an independence of thought, which the other girls don’t have.
10)Queen Victoria’s reign was the longest of the history (or in history)?
11)The Queen became the mediator over the two political parties: the Liberals and the Conservatives.
12)Britain achieved a primary role (?) in industrial and economical development. New modern hospital were built to contrast diseases and the police force was organized (better the Metropolitan Police was established). She also provided (?) to build places of entertainment.

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    1. You can also use progressive.
    I would say 'in much of Europe'.

    2. The first Reform Act passed ....
    She started a policy of expansionism.

    3. The Victorian Age was also very active culturally. One of London's most famous works of art is the Crystal Palace.

    4 is good.
    5. either
    6. "forever" good
    8. Elizabeth refuses to be the kind of woman society of that time expects.
    9. is good
    10. in history
    11. between the two parties
    12. First sentence good.
    New modern hospitals were built to treat and study diseases and the Metropolitan Police was established).
    She also provided for the building of places of entertainment.

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