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A solution of sodium chloride in water has a vapor pressure of 18.5 torr at 25°C.
What is the mole fraction of NaCl in this solution? What would be the vapor pressure of this solution at 48°C? The vapor pressure of pure water is 23.8 torr at 25°C and 83.7 torr at 48°C.

I've tried this as well as went to my tutor, but we couldn't get it. Can someon ehelp me? I need it by tonight

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    And if there seems to be confusion why did you not post the methods you had tried and the work. That way we could look them over. Sometimes third persons can find the error.
    Psoln = XsolventPo
    18.5 = X*23.8 should give you the mole fraction OF WATER. The mole fraction of NaCl will be 1 minus that (and my guess is that's where you and your tutor missed the boat). For the second part,
    Psoln = Xwater*83.7

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