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Can you check the adjectives in the following sentences, please? I really don’t know if you can use them in English. I wonder if you could possibly help me make a list of clothes which are “fashionable” at the moment in the USA. Thank you very much in advance.

1)I don’t like following the latest fashion. I usually buy cheap, loose-fitting clothes.
2)I like wearing trouser suits (or pantsuits), baggy, low-waist (?)trousers, striped long-sleeved polo sweatshirts (or long-sleeved polo sweatshirts with stripes).
3)I usually buy my clothes at a clothes shop/at a big department store/at a boutique/at the market (where else can you buy clothes in America?). I have never bought second-hand clothes (?)
4)At the moment I’m wearing a pair of tracksuit (sweatsuit) trousers (or bottoms?) with a checked hooded zip-up (is the adjective order correct?) sweatshirt over it. I’m also wearing a white T-shirt underneath (or under the sweatshirts)
5)I don’t like wearing stilettos (high-heeled shoes) or leather boots.
6)I don’t like wearing turtle-neck jumpers (or sweater) or a skirt and a jacket.
7)I prefer Velcro (?) shoes to lace-up shoes or moccasins (what are slide-on shoes?)
8)Are the following expressions correct if you want to ask for the way to a certain place: “How can I arrive there? “How can I get ther? /Do you know how to get there? / Do you know how I can get there?/ Do you know the way to get there? Do you know the way to the post-office?/Could you tell how to get to the cinema from here?
9)I do (or go) scuba-diving/snorkelling
10) Were you having lunch when I rang you (I rang you up, called you up, phoned you ) are they all possible?

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    The most popular clothing in America now is jeans...(levis) can be blue, black, white.... T-shirts ( of any sort, usually with some sort of picture on them) and a baseball cap...worn either bill forward or backward...sometimes sideways. ;)

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