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Sorry, another question.
A camper van with a mass of 2500kg has a maximum driving force of 2650N.
The camper van drives along a straight, level road at a constant speed of 90 kilometres per hour. At this speed, air resistance is 2000N and the frction between the tyres and road is 500N

i) What force is the engine exerting?
I have done 2650 - 2500 = 150N but I think this is wrong.

b) A strong headwind begins blowing with a force of 200 N. The van slows down. Calculate it's deceleration.

What I think is using the equation F = m x a, 2700 divided by the mass 2500 gives you 1.08. Then I worked out 2500 divided by the mass 2500 = 1. And the difference between them is the answer?

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    i) a push force

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