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The length of a simple pendulum is 0.72 m, the pendulum bob has a mass of 305 grams, and it is released at an angle of 10° to the vertical. a) With what frequency does it vibrate? Assume SHM. (b) What is the pendulum bob's speed when it passes through the lowest point of the swing? (c) What is the total energy stored in this oscillation, assuming no losses?

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    a) f = [1/(2pi)] sqrt (g/L)

    This formula should be in your text or lecture notes.

    b) maximum kinetic energy = potential energy when lifted to maximum angle
    = M g L (1 - cos 10)
    Set that equal to (1/2)M Vmax^2. Cancel the M's and solve for Vmax

    c) M g L(1-cos 10)

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    Thank You drwls :) we did get a formula for frequncy similar to the one you gave me but the one i had didn't work. Once again Thank you for your help :)

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