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Thank you so much for helping me.
I really hope you could check a few more sentences on the same subject.
1) She understands at last that her love for Heathcliff is not a romance. Actually, it is concerned with a breaking through beyond the self.
2) She doesn’t seem to realize that a relationship outside marriage would not be sanctioned by society.
A love which cannot be given a social label was not acceptable to society (was not accepted by society is also possible?).
3) The theme of love is among the most important in the play.
4) Their union was hindered (hampered?) because they belonged to different social classes (because of their different social status).
5) The Bingleys (also the Bingley family) do not approve of their son’s marriage to Jane since she was a member of the gentry.
6) During the Victorian Age England expanded and was characterized by political and social reforms too.
7) A marriage to him (and not with) him would mean separation from Heathcliff.
8) Their relationship is not only based on physical desire but is one of the soul (and not “it is based on the soul”?)
9) They achieve mutual respect and admiration only through the painful process of stripping away misunderstanding and self-deception. (Can you also say: “going through the painful process.....?)
10) She doesn’t have any affinity with him. She has no affinity with him.
Theirs is a love based only on convenience since she aims at improving her social status.
11) She stands apart (and not she sets herself apart) from other women since she refuses to take on the role which society tends to impose on her.
12) She says that to marry him would degrade (demean also possible?) her.
She thinks only of settling (can you also say “she is ready to settle) for financial security and this is not a basis for a good marriage.
13) She wants to marry Edgar on the one hand to improve her social status and on the other to help Heathcliff to rise placing him out of her tyrant brother (or placing him away from ....)

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    1. Are you certain you want the word love? I think affection might work better.
    2. OK
    3,4 ok
    5. Wasn't the only family member disproving the Aunt?
    6. comma after age. England expanded? I think not, it was Great Britain's empire which expanded.
    7. would mean leaving Heathcliff.
    8. Reword. Their relationship is one of soul kinship, and to a minor extent, physical attraction.
    9. Only when misunderstanding and self-deception were stripped away, they were able to achieve mutual respect and admiration.
    10. If you are writing of Pride and Prejudice, I don't agree with the statement. However if you want to make it, affinity is probably not the best word: I would lean to say "She had no natural affinity attracting her to him."
    11. She stands apart from other women, not taking for granted her designated role of the subservient woman.
    12. OK as written.
    13. OK.

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