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• Read the Differences in Socioeconomic Status section on p. 53 of the text.
o List three social factors that most impact the scenario

here is the scenario.

Differences in Socioeconomic Status
The middle school in a rural community of 9,000 residents has four school-sponsored dances each year.
At the Valentine’s dance, a coat-and-tie affair, six eighth-grade boys showed up in rented tuxedos. They
had planned this together, and their parents, among the more affluent in the community, thought it
would be “cute” and paid for the rentals. The final dance of the year is scheduled for May, and it, too, is a
coat-and-tie dance. This time, rumors are circulating around school that “everyone” is renting a tux and
that the girls are getting new formal dresses. The parents of three boys are, according to the grapevine,
renting a limousine for their sons and their dates. These behaviors and dress standards are far in excess
of anything previously observed at the middle school.
Several students, particularly those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, have said they will
boycott the dance. They cannot afford the expensive attire, and they claim that the ones behind the
dress-up movement have said that only the nerds or geeks would show up in anything less than a tux or
a formal gown.

am i right?
all i can find for a social factor is being poor

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