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Homework Help: reading/language please check

Posted by astasia on Friday, April 16, 2010 at 6:07pm.

*principle or principal(do these make sense?)
-She was a person of strong PRINCIPAL.
-The PRICIPALS sat together at the district confrence.
-How much of the total in my savings account is PRINCIPAL?
-His hay fever was the PRINCIPAL reason for his sneezing.
-It's not the facts that upset me,it's the PRICIPILES of the case
-The jury heard only the PRINCIPAL facts.
-Our school PRINCIPAL is strict but fair.
-Spend the interest,but don't touch the PRINCIPAL.
-Helping others is a guiding PRINCIPLE.
-In PRINCIPLE,we agree;on the facts,we do not.
-The PINCIPAL course at dinner was leg of lamb.
-Some mathematical PRINCIPLES are difficult to understand.
-The baby was the PRINCIPAL reason for his happiness.


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