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LB160 TMA01

• This TMA01 contains 3 parts. Student should answer either Part 1 or Part 2. Part 3 is compulsory.
• The value of TMA01 is 15 points.
• The mark assigned to each part is 7.5 points.

PART 1 (7.5 points)

• To be acquainted with some features of case studies. (B1S1, 9)
• To understand the meaning of ‘analysis’. (B1S1, 9-10)
• Use mind maps and develop a content knowledge. (B1S1, 11-12)

Learning Outcomes (B1S1, 7)
• Demonstrate knowledge of the ways in which case study texts are organized.
• Show awareness of the process of analysis and its role in the essay.

Q. Write an essay of about 300 words in which you describe in detail what constitutes a case study together with explaining what is analysis and types of input text in business case analysis.

Answer Notes: It is useful to see analyzing a business case as a kind of process or system. In business studies, The idea of a system is often used to describe a business. (B1S1, 10) Mind maps can be used for different purposes when processing a case study text. Drawing a mind map of one’s knowledge before reading a text is one of the reading strategies the student will practice. (B1S1, 12)

Answer Guide:
Book 1 Session 1 Mapping the case, 1.2 What is a case study?, pp. 8-9; 1.4 What is analysis?, pp. 9-10; 1.5 Types of input text in business case analysis, pp. 10-12.


PART 2 ( 7.5 points )
Purpose: To demonstrate awareness of the idea of levels in a text.

Learning Outcomes
• Identify the different levels of information in case study texts.

Q. Write an essay of about 300 words explaining how a case study text moves from a high-level generalization to a low-level particular.

Answer Notes: When mapping a case, the idea is to see the general situation. A text’s high level information provides a general situation. However, low-level particular information is not only examples. It can also be other kinds of detail.

Answer Guide:
Book 1 Session 1, see pp. 21-25.

PART 3 (7.5 points)

Purpose: To examine how a SWOT analysis is usually written up. (B1S4, 123)

Learning Outcomes (B1S4, 108-109)
• Show knowledge of how problems form part of a particular pattern in business texts.
• Focus more closely on problem identification in case study texts.

Brifly explain the concept of SWOT analysis.Then , with reference to Text 4.3, answer the following questions in detail and cite examples and relevant sections from the text.

1. What information is included in the introductory sentence?
2. What is covered by the next four paragraphs?

Answer Notes: The student may use some of his or her own interpretations and additional knowledge of the case.
Answer Guide:
Book 1 Session 4, pp. 118-121.
Resource Book 1 Session 4, pp. 56-57.

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