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Homework Help: Ag Bio

Posted by Abby on Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 8:15am.

I'm stuck on a few questions. If you can just answer what you can-

25. Describe the role of an operon in a prokaryotic cell, and give an example of how an operon works.

31. The word transcribe means "to write out," and the word translate means "to express in another language." Review the meanings of transcription and translation in genetics. How do the technical meanings of these words relate to meanings of the words in ordinary language?

32. How does the possible impact of a chromosomal mutation that occurs during meiosis differ from that of a similar event that occurs during mitosis?

33. A researcher identifies the nucleotide sequence AAC in a long strand of RNA inside a nucleus. In the genetic code, AAC codes for the amino acid asparagine. When that RNA becomes involved in protein synthesis, will asparagine necessarily appear in the protein? Explain.

34. Recall what you know about mitosis and meiosis. Describe how a given amount of a cell's DNA might be alike or different after each process was complete.

Thank you soooo much!

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