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Posted by Ali on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 9:25pm.

Can you find 3 metaphors and 10 alliterations in this poem?

THE Witch
1.She comes back night, in fearsome flight,
2. In garments black as pitch,
3.The queen of doom upon her broom,
4.The wild and wicked witch,

5.A cackling crone with brittle bones
6.And desiccated limbs,
7.Two evil eyes with warts and sties
8.And bags about the rims,

9.A dangling nose, ten twisted toes
10.And folds of shriveled skin,
11.Cracked and chipped and crackled lips
12.That frame a toothless grin.

13.She hurtles by, she sweeps the sky
14.And hurls a piercing screech.
15.As she swoops past, a spell is cast
16.On all her curses reach

17.take care to hide when the wild witch rides
18.To shriek her evil spell.
19.What she may do with a word or two
20.Is much too grim to tell
by Jack Prelutsky

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