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I need ideas for a Math Project (science related)?

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So I was given a math project in which we need to gather "real world information" and make a scatter plot of the info. With this we must graph a line, parabola and exponential curve of best fit then find those formulas. The math is straight forward but I can't decide on a topic. I wanted to do something along the lines of electromagnetic radiation but I don't really care at this point. I just really want something in the science field. Any suggestions from anybody?

  • I need ideas for a Math Project (science related)? -

    Why not measure the voltage output of a solar cell as a function of angle to the sun?

    Data you would need is voltage max( cell panel facing sun), then voltage at several (many) angles to the sun.

    It should correlate to a scatter plot fitting as best a cosine curve.

    Solar cells are cheap, and available at Radio shack. You will need a voltmeter, and something to measure angles with, pencil, paper.

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