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Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 10:08pm.

When you first release the contraption and the egg, the force of gravity is pulling on the egg as it going to the ground. Which the force of the air resistance is trying to push up on the egg. The net force of the falling egg is equal to the air resistance. As the speed is equal to the resistance of the egg. The resistance of the egg is increased too. The resistance of the egg is increased in till the gravity makes the speed the same .Then the net force is 0 Newton’s and the egg stops to the ground .When an object is falling at a constant speed it is called terminal velocity.
When you put the egg into the sock it helps lessen the impacts as it hits to the ground, and the air acts like a cushion in the space .It also is an extra layer of protection for the egg. It’s the elevator effect. The sock can take up the shock of the fall. When you put the sock into the box it is first layer of protection for the fall, and the surface area of the box controls the resistance of the egg. The bubble wrap is a special layer of protection. It also would be an extra protection to the shock of the fall.

Please can you check it to see if it has basic spelling,grammar,and pun correct.Can someone also check if answers this questions.Descibe the forces acting on the contraption and egg.identify and explain features on my contraption lessens the forces.Basicily I want someone to proofread it.

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