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Wong is standing on a turntable in class holding a weight in each hand a distance .75 meters from the center of his body. He is originally rotating with an angular frequency w=0.3 rad/s. He pulls the weights in so they are only .25 meters from the axis of rotation. The original moment of inertia of wong, the turntable and the weights is I,initial = 8kgm^2. The final moment of inertia of Wong, the turntable and the weights is I,final= 5kgm^2

What is wong's final angular velocity W,final?

As justin pulls the weights in, the total angular momentum of wong, the turntable, and the weights

increases, decreases, or remains the same?

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    Please show some effort and we will critique your work.

    This is clearly an conservation of angular momentum problem.

    You are not going to learn anything if yuou expect us to do all the work for you.

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    ok formula L=Iw i know I=5kgm^2 and i am finding w. How would i go about finding L give me a hint.

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