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11th grade Algebra 2

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A large pizza from Papa's Pizzeria has a diameter of 18 inches. If each large pizza is cut into 10 equal slices, what is the approximate area of 3 slices of pizza in square inches?

  • 11th grade Algebra 2 -

    first you would have to find out how to cut 18 inches into 10 equal slices then multiply that by 3 I think

  • 11th grade Algebra 2 -


  • 11th grade Algebra 2 -

    Still the same guy, just explaining why: 9 is the radius of the pizza (diameter/2). Area of a circle is pii*r^2. Pizza was divided into 10 slices so 1 slice is 1/10 of the total area, thereby 3/10 is the area of 3 slices from the whole pizza. This is like 7th grade stuff tho tbh.

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    take 360 divided by how many slices it was cut into for the arc of each. divide 360 by that number, multiply it by pi, than multiply it by the radius. that'll give you the area of one slice, so all you have to do now is multiply the area of one slice by 3 for all 3 slices.

    so if im right the answer's 847.8 sq. inches

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