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Posted by sara on Monday, April 12, 2010 at 6:51pm.

This assignment is a written project of approximately 8-10 pages (not including bibliography). The project must utilize a minimum of 6 outside references (only 1 of which can be a website; you can use more websites, but they won’t count toward the required six). Additionally, you must consider layered effects of whatever topic/project you choose. You should clearly relate material from the course and your outside sources. Papers are to be typed, double spaced, one inch margins, 12-point font, no title page, and completed using APA style.

Situating Your Culture
The purpose of this assignment is for you to locate yourself in the complex contexts of intercultural relations from historical, political, cultural, racial, gender, and socioeconomic perspectives. Your paper should explore and reflect on your own culture and cultural identities in relation to a specific history and/or current event. You will choose a topic from historical events and/or current social issues and make connections with your identities, cultural positioning, positions of privilege and marginalization, etc.
You can interview individuals who can speak about the history/event (highly recommended). 2 interviews = 1 outside reference (up to 6 interviews; no more than 3 outside references can substituted for). The paper should have the following sections: a) introduction of the paper, b) description of the history/event, c) introduce key concepts/theories, d) using the concepts to interpret the history/event making sure to focus on how the history/event frames intercultural interactions today., and e) conclusion.

Based on the Haiti earthquake as my historic event.

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