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A beam of mass mb = 10.0 kg, is suspended from the ceiling by a single rope. It has a mass of m2 = 40.0 kg attached at one end and an unknown mass m1 attached at the other. The beam has a length of L = 3 m, it is in static equilibrium, and it is horizontal, as shown in the figure above. The tension in the rope is T = 637 N.

m1 is 14.93kg

Picture is like this

a bar is hanging from a rope which has a tension of 637

then mass1 is hanging from the bar on the left side and mass2 on the right side

from rope to m1 length of bar is x and overall length of bar is 3

Determine the distance, x, from the left end of the beam to the point where the rope is attached. Note: take the torque about the left end of the beam.

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