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23. ? List two examples of tools used in each of these major areas of processing: material, energy, and information processing.

Ok, this wasn't so hard:

23. There are a few tools that are used in each of the three major types of processing: material, energy, and information processing. In material processing, different tools are used to cast, form, and machine materials into specific shapes. Essential to all material processing is a group of tools called machine tools. These are the machines used to make other machines. Also, cutting tools are used for actions that require cutting. These tools come in many sizes and shapes but also have many requirements. Energy-processing machines convert energy and apply it to do work. There are around hundreds of these machines. The steam engine is a very popular one of these. It was the first effective device to convert energy from one form to another, and converted heat energy to mechanical energy. Another tool is the internal combustion engine. This engine now powers most land transportation vehicles. Information processing and exchange is as old as human existence. One example of a tool used for this type of processing is a telephone. It allows us to quickly and cheaply communicate information, ideas, and thoughts to another person. A second example is the computer. The calculator and the computer are two major information processing machines that have changed the way we handle information. They are different from other machines in that they can store information.

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