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Homework Help: Science-Periodic Table

Posted by Sara on Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 10:14pm.

describe how to verify the # of electrons in the ion of an element.
Can you please correct some of my wordings in here. I don't really get how to explain it.

You look at the atomic number which is the same number of protons as electrons; but if there is a positive ion charge, then that measn that an electron has just been lost so it drops down that number. If there is a negative charge, then the electron moves up its amount; more than protons.

This is another question which I'm kind of having difficulties on:

A certain element has 12 protons & 36 electrons.

a)is the element an atom or an ion?
b)which element is it?
c)what charge, if any, does it have?

For a) I wrote:
The element is an ion because if it were to be an atom, then it would have the same amount of protons as electrons or vice versa.

B, and C I don't really know. I thought that the atomic number would be 12 and the charge would be -2, but I figured not.

All your help will be appreciated, thanks

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