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A ball of mass m at rest at the coordinate origin exploded into three equal pieces. At a certain instant, one piece is on the x-axis at x=40cm, and another is at x=20cm, y= -60 cm. Where is the third piece at that instant.

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    The initial momentum is zero, so the final vector momentum is zero. You have the positions, dividing by time t means velocity.

    in the x:
    0=1/3 40/t + 1/3 20/t + 1/3 x/t
    multipy both sides by t, solve for x.
    in the y:
    0=1/3 0 + 1/3 (-60/t) + 1/3 y/t
    solve for y.

    you have x,y coordinate of the third piece at that time t.

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    IS the answer going to be


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