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Trains A & B are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. Train A is going 60mph and Train B at 80mph. Train A passes a station at 6:25 am. If Train b passes the same station at 6:37, what time will B catch up with A?

The answer I received is: 7:03am, is that correct?

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    let the time between 6:37 and the time B catches A be t hours
    distance covered by A is (t + 12/60)(60)
    distance covered by B is 80t
    but they went the same distance, so ...

    80t = 60(t + 1/5)
    80t = 60t + 12
    20t = 12
    t = 3/5 hour of 36 minutes

    so 36 min after 6:37 is 7:13

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    Thank you for the help.

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