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College Chemistry

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I was asked to find delta Grxn for the equation I2+Cl2--->2ICl. Was given information to solve for Q (PICl= 2.55atm, PI2=0.315, PCl2=0.216), i ended up with 4.4588. Then I solved for the standard G rxn by: Delta G= (-10.9*2)- (19.3+0)= -41.1.

I used the equation: delta G=delta G standard rxn + RTlnQ. Temperature was 298K.

I ended up with -152221 kj. However, it said it was wrong. Perhaps my standard free energy for ICl was wrong. Couldn't find it in the text so computed it by using delta G=-RTlnK. K being 81.9.

Somebody please help me find what it is i did wrong. Thank you!!

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