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Posted by Ana on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 5:12pm.

Tetraphosphorus trisulphide (P4S3) is used in the match heads of some matches. It is produced in the reaction 8P4+3S8 --> 8P4S3. Determine which of the following statements are incorrect, and rewrite the incorrect statements to make them correct.

a. 4 mol P4 reacts with 1.5 mol S8 to form 4 mol P4S3
b. sulfur is the limiting reactant when 4 mol P4 and 4 mol S8 react.
c. 6 mol P4 reacts with 6 mol S8 forming 1320 g P4S3.

I don't get how to do this! If I just get an idea of how to set it up then I can figure it out! And for the first one I think it is incorrect, but I'm not sure...? Thanks!!

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