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Physics Help Please!

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If the price of electrical enegy is $0.10 per kilowatt *hour, find the cost of using electrical energy to heat the water in a 12.0m * 9.00m * 1.5m swimming pool from 15 degrees C to 27 degrees C.
So the change in temperature is 285.15 , the volume is 162m^3, the specific heat capacity (c) is 4.186 [J/kg*degrees C]. Please and Thanks.

  • Physics Help Please! -

    You're not going to get an answer here, I've tried this site, and everytime, I get the wrong answer or no one responds.

  • Physics Help Please! -

    The change in temperature is 12 deg C if it rises from 15 to 27 degrees.
    1. Find the mass of water from volume of water times its density.
    2. Find the heat in Joule needed from Q=mct where m is mass of water, c is specific heat capacity and t is rise in temperature.

    Then the cost.
    3. One kilowatt hour is
    1000W x 60(min) X 60(sec) Joules.
    4. Then find how many of these you need to heat that water.
    5. Each one costs $0.1

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