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A projectile is shot straight up from the earth's surface at a speed of 1.20×104 KM/HR.

How high does it go?

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    Follow the steps explained in my previous answer.

    If you are just looking for numbers to put into a test or homework, rather than an understanding of how the problem is done, then you have come to the wrong place.

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    First need to convert km/hr to meters/second
    (I got around 3333.33 m/s but you might want to double check that)
    so 3333.33 is your initial velocity v_i
    using kinematics equation:

    the highest point the projectile reaches is when v_f is zero
    so solve for time using the first equation and the known variables
    a= 9.8 m/s^2
    v_i= 3333.33 m/s

    use the time you determined and plug it into the second kinematics equation and then you'll get your max height.

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    The method described above will not give the correct answer because g is not constant over the large altitude range that the projectile will travel.

    Refer to

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    That's interesting...because the altitude is so high you have to deal with escape velocity instead of the usual kinematics.

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