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Homework Help: AP Chemistry

Posted by Jessica on Monday, April 5, 2010 at 6:16pm.

(a) When 300.0 milliliters of a solution of 0.200 molar AgNO3 is mixed with 100.0 milliliters of a 0.0500 molar CaCl2 solution, what is the concentration of silver ion after the reaction has gone to completion?

(b)Write the net cell reaction for a cell formed by placing a silver electrode in the solution remaining from the reaction above and connecting it to a standard hydrogen electrode.

(c)Calculate the voltage of a cell of this type in which the concentration of silver ion is 410-2 M.

(d)Calculate the value of the standard free energy change ∆G˚ for the following half reaction:
Ag+ (1M) + e- ⁄ Ag˚

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