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Thank you very much. I needed help with one more.
A bomb calorimeter evolves 4.66 kJ of heat. If the heat capacity of the calorimeter is 1.38 kJ/Celsius, what is the temp change of the calorimeter?

I thought it may be 4.66/1.38= 3.38?

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    try this heat=heat capacity * temperature change. just apply this formula heat evolve will be the heat. heat capacity is that of the calorimeter and temperature change is the unknown. use it

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    First off, go back and look at your former posts. Bob Pursley pointed out to me that you had 669 kJ in your first answer and that's a good answer. You would not need to express it as 6.69 x 10^5 Joules although that would be correct.

    That's what I would do. Again, you need units stuck on the end; in this case it is degrees C or degrees K.

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