September 29, 2016

Homework Help: chem lab (webwork)

Posted by UCI studebt on Monday, April 5, 2010 at 1:04am.

Which of the following is NOT true of colligative properties? Colligative properties are...

A. dependent on the mass of solute present.
B. independent of the chemical identity of the solute.
C. responsible for lowering the vapor pressure of a solution versus the vapor pressure of the pure solvent.
D. dependent on the molar mass of the solute.
E. all of these are true.

i was working on this with two friends, one tried E and the other tried B and they both got the answer wrong. I thought that colligative properties depended on whether a solute was volatile verses nonvolatile and not on if it is ionic or not.

I was thinking D, but I don't have a good reason to justify this answer, since colligative properties depend on the amount in grams of a solute, but not on the molar mass of the solute, and C is true because colligative properties are responsible for lowering hte vapor pressure of the pure solvent

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